The Jumper (CSCI-107 Survey of Computing)

Agyei Axum, Steven Dash, Larry Joyner, David Medina, and Taiwah Teye

The Jumper is a java-based platform game in which a player must vertically escape obstacles while running. The Player will control the main character, formally known as “That Jumper,” with the arrow keys to avoid running into obstacles. That Jumper starts at a track in a stadium where he needs to be skilled enough at hurdling over hurdles so that he can keep running out of the stadium. Outside the stadium is a jungle where he will have to hurdle over lions to avoid being hurt or eaten. At the edge of the jungle is a most beautiful glacier where That Jumper must avoid running into water. Being unable to swim, these floating blocks of ice will be the only thing keeping him from drowning in the freezing cold water. Will he make it through and come home to a hero’s welcome, will he miss jumps and arrive home injured, or will he be sent home preserved in a block of ice?

Instructions to Play: Included in game.
Download the executable jar file: The Jumper
If applet viewer does not function properly (chances are it will not), please download the executable jar file from the above link.

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