Zhongyan Lin

Associate Professor
Room: SC 332D
Office Phone: 302-857-6557
Laboratory Phone: 302-857-6557
Institution: University of Delaware
Location: Newark, DE
Degree: Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science (1998)

Holding a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and M.S. in Computer and Information Science from University of Delaware, Dr. Lin’s research interests include numerical analysis, scientific computing and web-based information systems.

Dr. Lin’s research involves mathematical modeling of physical material and media by a system of partial differential equations and various kinds of boundary conditions. Some of these problems are called inverse problems. He is in particular interested in the determination of variable coefficients in partial differential equations because the coefficients usually describe the internal physical properties of a region. The undetermined coefficient problems can be used to model many non-destructive evaluation problems. He studies the sociability of problem, uniqueness and solution, and designs algorithms and numerical experiments. He uses symbolic computing, parallel computing and utilizes various kinds of packages and libraries to perform simulations.

Having worked at Honeywell Inc. as a software engineer in the area of avionics systems , Dr. Lin is interested in Information System Development in recent years. He studies the performance of distributed systems and methodologies of system development. For example, he has independently developed a large-scale web application framework and, on top of that, the Teaching and Learning Management (TeaLeaMan) system to support program assessment and accreditation, the Rapid Web Form Center and various web tools for facilitating teaching and learning in both computer science and mathematics. He also worked as a consultant in MBNA America and has done joint research and software development projects with the Army Research Lab and the UPenn Medical School.

Field(s) of Interest:

Software Engineering, Distributed System, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

Book Articles

  1. Zhongyan Lin  1998 ,  On the determination of radially dependent Lame coefficients  ,SIAM J. Appl. Math.  58 , SIAM .