Marwan Rasamny

Chairperson and Associate Professor
Room: SC 330
Office Phone: +1.302.857.7896
Institution: University of Connecticut
Location: Storrs, Connecticut
Degree: Ph.D. in Physics (1999)

Dr. Rasamny’s main research areas of interest include first principles and other (both formal and computational) approaches to electronic, magnetic and structural properties of condensed matter systems. He has worked on understanding binary alloy phase diagrams using a combinations of first-principles calculations and statistical mechanics. Dr. Rasamny has been engaged in development of parallel computational first-principles techniques to study defects and other properties of Ni-Al and Pd based systems; the later with particular emphasis on improving catalytic properties. He has interest in developing quality interatomic potentials from first-principles calculations for use in molecular dynamics calculations to study large complex systems. Dr. Rasamny has designed and taught parallel processing and compiler courses at Delaware State University. He has taught operations research, computer organization, principles of programming languages, scripting, and data structures and algorithms.

Field(s) of Interest:

First-principles calculations, statistical mechanical properties of metal aluminides, Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics techniques


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Conference Proceedings

  1. D. Pokrajac, M. Rasamny  2006 , Interactive Virtual Expert System for Advising  ,in Proc. 36th ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference .
  2. D. Pokrajac, H. Patel, and M. Rasamny  2004 , Inheritance Constraints Implementation in PostgreSQL  ,in Proc. 48th ETRAN Conference , Čačak, Serbia .

Book Articles

  1. H. Zhang, J. Gromek, M. Augustine, G. Fernando, M. Rasamny, R.S. Boorse and H.L. Marcus  2001 , In Situ High Temperature X-Ray Study of Al2O3 Supported PdO Catalyst  ,Powder Materials: Current Research and Industrial Practices  59 F.D.S. Marquis, N. Thadani and E.V. Barrera, Eds. , T.M.S(The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society) .